Regeneration Church is a new church in Clayton, Melbourne. We seek to be a gospel centred, trans-cultural community reaching Clayton, Monash University and the City of Monash. Whether you are a Christian, or just interested in learning about Christianity, come along and join us - we'd love to meet you!

Images of Salvation:

Images of Salvation // What does it mean to be saved? If you've had interactions with Christians, it seems like they're all about "salvation" and "getting saved". Interestingly, atheist philosopher Luc Ferry argues that the question of salvation is central to philosophy, not just religion. In other words, the issue of salvation is relevant for everyone - religious or not. Because we all face the "peril of death" which Ferry says is more than just the biological end of life but rather the "fear of the irreversible" - every good thing in life that we have no hope of recovering.

But what does salvation mean? Again, if you have Christian friends you might've heard them say something along the lines of "Jesus died for your sins so that you can go to heaven when you die". While that's not wrong, it can give the impression that salvation is just "pie in the sky when you die". But the reality is, the Christian idea of salvation is much deeper and richer than that and when understood properly has massive implications for our life now as well as our future. Join us at Regeneration Church as we explore 7 images (metaphors) of salvation over the next 6 weeks! Perfect for anyone exploring Christianity!

  1. Salvation as Redemption – Stephen Tan – 17 March 2019
  2. Salvation as Peacemaking – Stephen Tan – 24 March 2019
  3. Salvation as Reconciliation – Bryan Bock – 31 March 2019
  4. Salvation as Cleansing – Stephen Tan – 7 April 2019
  5. Salvation as Glorification – Stephen Tan – 14 April 2019
  6. Salvation as Justification – Stephen Tan – 19 April 2019 (Good Friday)
  7. Salvation as Regeneration – Stephen Tan – 21 April 2019 (Easter Sunday)

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We are a short, five minute walk from the Monash University campus.